Time to Explain PSSI national team situation, True-true

Time to Explain PSSI national team situation, Truetrue

Time to Explain PSSI national team situation, True-true

Agen Bola Terbaik the national team to reap the rewards that far from public expectations in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2014. Former coach Nil Maizar argued that the PSSI immediately explain the failure of evaluation in Vietnam‘s national team.

Indonesia failed to advance to the semifinals of the AFF Cup 2014. The team was made by Alfred Riedl was only finished third in Group A with the acquisition of a meaningless victory over Laos. Previously, the team Red Putih’hanya can draw 2-2 with Vietnam and lost 0-4 t evasion of the Philippines.

Nil Maizar ever handle the national team in a similar event in 2012 did not want to speculate with the failure. He patiently waited for an explanation of PSSI. After all, rice has become porridge. According to him more important to listen to the plan PSSI national team preparing the next.

AFF Cup is finished, in my opinion, the first long-awaited public is the evaluation of the national team PSSI‘s like what? The results of the national team like this is it depends on the blue print of the PSSI. If the result is like this, yes, we are asked to PSSI. They right promised to evaluate and inform the public, said Nil Maizar contacted detikSport.

Well, the results are beyond people’s expectations then this is the right time for the PSSI to explain the situation the team is real. They are there who knew the condition of the national team was like what? They are the main sources.

It was only after the evaluation is no plan as to what two or three years later. We will hear about it. That’s where we as an observer, a former player, former coach can provide input. The good how,” said the man who is now handling the Putra Samarinda.