Lallana Ready to welcome the Public Cold St Mary’s

Lallana Ready to welcome the Public Cold St Mary’s

Lallana Ready to welcome the Public Cold St Mary's

Liverpool – Since moving from Southampton, Adam Lallana for the first time going back to St Mary’s this weekend. The 26-year-old was ready if fans did not greet him with a friendly Soton.

When Liverpool beat Southampton 2-1 in the opening match of the Premier League this season, Lallana did not play because it is still in the recovery of knee injury he got when preseason session.

Just two former penggawa Southampton who was then playing it, namely Dejan Lovren and Rickie Lambert. Lallana clearly be the most anticipated figure by the home fans when Liverpool travel to St Mary’s this weekend.

Lallana reasonable given the status as the captain of Southampton when he fled to Liverpool last summer and has been playing at the club since 2006.

Total he made 60 goals from 265 appearances last season so his best performances in the Premier League with nine goals donation.

Moreover Lallana arguably left Southampton with no good when he was rumored to refuse to play for the team again, when Liverpool came to bid for him. Though Lallana itself to ordering a special page in the local newspaper Southampton to send a farewell letter.

It was also denied Lallana although she admitted that the issue has to make a relationship with Southampton fans become less harmonious. It also makes Lallana think that he certainly will get a cool reception by former supporters this weekend.

“I’m certainly not stupid to think that the way I go from the club will not make the fans disappointed. I regret the way I moved. I regret how it could happen and getting worse. Sadly it feels when considering how it could happen,” said Lallana the BBC.

“The truth is when I know Liverpool are interested in me, they also gives bid, I told the club that I wish they could negotiate the price transferku,” he continued.

“I never said that I will not play again for the club. I’m man enough to say that it was my choice and my decision to leave the club.”

“Deep in my heart I hope the fans Saints cherish the times we shared. Football is like this – if I was booed and cheered, I will accept it because they were longing to see me play there, just like me.”

“I miss the fans and I miss the good times with them there. Obviously I missed,” said Lallana.

The first season of red-uniformed Lallana is run less smoothly because he often bandaged injury. Until the season passes halfway, Lallana performed 27 times and only make five goals.